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FreeNAS Update to TrueNAS

Below is the proposed plan to update both FreeNAS servers to TrueNAS 13.0 U3:

- Navigate to to download the latest TrueNAS .tar file

- Backup the FreeNAS configuration file

o Navigate to System/General/Save Config

o Check both check boxes

  • Export Password Secret Seed

  • Export Pool Encryption Keys

o Click Save

o Copy configuration file to /mnt/cm/sysadmin/_Backups/FreeNAS_Backups

- Apply Update

o Log into FreeNAS

o Navigate to System/Update

o Update File Temporary Storage Location = /network/location or /backup/location

o Upload the required manual-updat.tar file as necessary

o Click Apply Update

- Depending on network configuration/speed, this update may take up to ~30 minutes

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