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Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire HD8 Tablet

Enable USB Debugging on the Fire HD8 Tablet

- Navigate to settings/Device Options/About Fire Tablet

- Tap on Serial Number about 4-5 times; this will enable the “Developer Options”

- Back up once, to the device options menu, and select Developer Options

- Enable Developer Options in the top right hand corner

- Enable USB Debugging

- You are done, press the Home button to return to the home screen

Download the latest Fire Toolbox from the XDA website

- Navigate to the XDA website:


- On a Windows computer, click the installer to download the latest version

- Go to your computers Downloads section, and install the .exe file

- Select the “Install for me only (recommended)” option, click Next

- Click Install/Finish

Launch Fire Toolbox and Install Google Play on the Fire HD8 Tablet

- Launch the Fire Toolbox Windows application

- Plug in the tablet to the computer

o Accept any prompts on the tablet and the laptop/desktop

- Click the “Google Services” option; then choose “Yes” or “Execute Tool” on the next screen

- Wait 10 minutes before launching the Google Play Store and you are all set!

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