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Reformat USB Device to EXT4

*This is necessary for RHEL machine to view USB external devices

- Obtain a copy of the latest Linux Rescue disk

- Boot from the Linux Rescue disk

- Select the option that states “directly start the graphical environment”

- Click the GParted tool at the bottom/left of the screen

- On the top right of the GParted screen, click the dropdown menu and select the external USB device. (/dev/sdb)

- Delete all partitions on the external USB device, then click the green checkbox on the top

- Click Apply/Close

- Right click on unallocated/Click New/Filesystem=ext4/Add/Click green checkbox/Apply

Mounting USB Device on RHEL7 Machine

- #modprobe –r usb-storage

o Remove all usb-storage modules from kernel

- #modprobe –i usb-storage

o Install all usb-storage modules to kernel

- #dmesg

o Read all messages in kernel, look for /dev/sdb1 device

- #mount /dev/sdb1 /media

o Mounts the USB device to /media directory

- Ensure that the necessary mount point is mounted on the machine via /etc/fstab

o # vi /etc/fstab


o /dev/sdb1 /media ext4 defaults 0 0

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