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Upgrade Nessus Scanner from 8.15.6 to 10.4.2 (WIN10)

- Download the Latest Version of Nessus and copy it to the /tmp directory

o Navigate to =

- Launch the Trellix Desktop Application and disable Threat Prevention and Firewall settings

o In the WIN10 taskbar, right click on the Trellix icon and click McAfee Endpoint Security

o On the top right, click the down arrow, click Administrator Log On and enter the password.

o Click on Threat Prevention, and uncheck the following boxes

  • Enable Access Protection

  • Enable Exploit Prevention

  • Enable On-Access Scan

  • Enable ScriptScan (scans scripts in browser only)

  • Click Apply

o Click on Firewall, and uncheck the following boxes

  • Enable Firewall

  • Click Apply

- Install Nessus 10.4.2 on the machine

o Navigate to where you saved the Nessus 10.4.2 file and install the application.

- Confirm the Nessus 10.4.2 installation

o Open a browser and navigate to https://localhost:8834

  • Nessus may take a while “compiling plugins” during the initial login

o Log into Nessus with the necessary credentials

o Click “settings” and the version should now reflect the 10.4.2 update.

  • If the version didn’t reflect the updated number, launch the Services application and restart the “Tenable Nessus” service, reboot and check again.

- Reboot the machine and the Trellix/McAfee settings will be re-enabled

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