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Upgrade Nessus Scanner to 8.13.1 (RHEL7)

- Download the Latest Version of Nessus and copy it to the /tmp directory

o Navigate to =

- Uninstall Previous Version of Nessus

o Stop the running Nessus service

  • #/bin/systemctl stop nessusd.service

o Determine the currently installed Nessus package name

  • #rpm –qa | grep Nessus

o Remove/uninstall Nessus

- Install Nessus 8.13.1

o Navigate to the /tmp directory

o Install the Nessus 8.13.1 rpm

  • #rpm –ivh “filename”.rpm

o Start the Nessus service

  • #/bin/systemctl start nessusd.service

o You may receive a message “Warning: nessusd.service changed on disk”. If you do run this command:

- Confirm the Nessus 8.13.1 installation

o Open a browser and navigate to https://localhost:8834

  • Nessus may take a while “compiling plugins” during the initial login

o Log into Nessus with the necessary credentials

o Click “settings” and the version should now reflect the 8.13.1 update

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