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Visual Studio 2019 Offline Update

Download the Visual Studio bootstrapper on a machine that has access to the internet

o Log into the machine with an account that has access to the internet

o Navigate to

o Click on the Downloads tab at the top of the page

o Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Older Downloads”

o Select 2019/Download; you may be prompted to login, if so, log into any Microsoft account

  • It can be a free or personal account, if necessary

o Click the Download button, next to Visual Studio Professional 2019 (version 16.11.15)

o Save the download to your local “public downloads” folder

o The filename will be similar to “vs_professional__aa4c68d3f589462d91ca6c9a6a06243d.exe”

Create a local install cache

o Log into the machine with a local administrator account

o To create a complete local layout with all features (this will take a long time); do the following:

  • Open a command prompt

  • # cd C:\Users\Public\Downloads

  • # vs_professional__ aa4c68d3f589462d91ca6c9a6a06243d.exe --layout c:\vslayout --lang en-US

**Note: A complete Visual Studio layout requires a minimum of 47Gb of disk space. **

Copy the “c:\vslayout_16.11.15” / local install cache to an external drive for potential future use

o Copy the file from the external drive to the offline machine

Update Visual Studio 2019 to 16.11.15 :

o Launch command prompt as admin

o Navigate to where the new Visual Studio 2019 16.11 files are located :

  • #cd C:\Users\Public\Downloads\vslayout_16.11.15

o Execute the update with the following command :

  • # .\vs_Professional_....exe update --noWeb

Reboot the machine

Log back into the machine and confirm that Visual Studio is now updated to 16.11.15

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